About Dakota

I know an "About Me" page is supposed to be entirely about me, but since I don't know how to do that without it being weird... here are some fun facts!

  • My first name is Dakota and my middle name is Scott. Most people tend to think my last name is Scott, so I thought I’d include this to clarify.

  • I LOVE maple syrup.

  • I am 24 years old.

  • I was born near Buffalo, New York, but moved to Phoenix when I was very young. I’ve lived in LA the majority of the last four years, but now I’m back in Phoenix.

  • I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising with a degree in visual communications.

  • I am currently working towards getting a certificate in web design.

  • I love to cook. I'm not vegan, but I primarily cook plant-based because raw meat freaks me out.

  • I love being outside. Hiking is one of my favorite activities and if there’s an opportunity for me to sit outside for any reason, I will take it.

  • I am completely OBSESSED with denim. I own wayyy too much… and I also have a white sneaker problem.

  • I originally went to school for interior design, however I changed majors after just one quarter. Turns out the nitty gritty of interior design isn’t for me.

  • I am very introverted and I bounce between being a homebody and having a fully booked schedule.

  • I do my best to live ethically and sustainably. We only have one Earth. Let's do our best to make her healthy.

  • I LOVE to shop. Clothing, groceries, home decor, you name it. But I hate owning a lot of items, so I am constantly moving things in and out of my closet.

  • Like many millennials, one of my ultimate goals is to travel. There are so many different cultures, why would I only want to experience one?