Sedona via Groupon


Recently I've changed the type of gifts I give to others.  I used to be a gift bundle type of person.  Mugs and baskets filled with various candies, trinkets, and maybe a gift card.  But this year for Christmas I decided to give everyone one meaningful gift.  I love to give gifts to others and I love shopping for others.  But I wanted this year's gifts to be something they'd cherish for a little while because it means something personally to them.  

For my mom's birthday and part of her Christmas gift I bought her a Groupon.  I know it sounds silly, but have you ever actually looked at some of the deals on things to do?  Some of them are pretty dang cool.  The Groupon I bought my mom was two tickets for a winery and jeep tour in Sedona, Arizona.  We have been talking about about doing a winery tour for so long and the jeep tour was a fun added bonus.

Two days after Christmas we made a day trip to the red rocks.  The more I'm there, the more Sedona is becoming one of my favorite places.  The red rocks with the combination of desert and forest make a peaceful and scenic backdrop.  There is an instant sense of calm when I'm there that I don't feel other places.

The first part of the tour was the wine tasting.  The winery we were taken to was Page Springs Cellars.  Luckily the day wasn't too cold and we got seats at the outdoor bar on their little patio overlooking the vineyard.  My mom and I had combo flights of red and white wines.  To be honest I'm not much of a wino - I know wrong person to go to a wine tasting with.  But I could tell the wine was quality wine and the truffle kettle chips we had with the wine were BOMB!  After about an hour at the winery we got back in the jeep, which we ended up having all to ourselves, and we headed out into the Sedona wilderness on dirt roads.  This was my favorite part of the whole tour.  We passed other jeeps full of riders and stopped multiple times to learn about the local plants and surroundings.  It was just so much fun!  I have no other words that could better describe it.  I want to go back just to do a longer more adventurous jeep tour.  I got really dusty, froze my butt off, and had really wind swept hair, but I loved every moment of it.

The Groupon gift idea felt cheesy at first, but I honestly think it's one of the best gifts I've given.  I gave my mom a memory and an experience. We got to spend time together and just enjoy ourselves.  She had fun and it was something neither of us have done before.  The cheesiness was well worth it.   10 out of 10 recommend giving Groupons as gifts.