San Fran Girls Trip: The Sutro Baths


A few weeks ago three friends and I took a girls trip up to San Francisco for the weekend.  For the most part we had our trip planned out.  We knew what we wanted to see, where we wanted to eat, and what we wanted to do.  Seeing as this was a quick trip and we were only in San Francisco for about 42 hours, we wanted to squeeze in as much as possible.  This meant setting timed schedules, with quick stops hopping from one activity to the next.  One place we did end up spending more time at than originally planned was the Sutro Baths.  Our plan was to visit the Baths and then hike Land's End.  But the Instagram girls in us took over and we spent copious amounts of time taking pictures and enjoying the scenery.


A little history: The Sutro Baths was once the largest indoor swimming house in the world.  It was a collection of seven salt water pools housed under glass roofs, and provided entertainment for the working class of San Francisco.  While the Baths closed and burned down in 1966, concrete ruins remain.


We got lucky with weather on our trip.  Going to San Francisco in January was a risk for us warm-weather gals and we were really worried about freezing our butts off.  But the entire time we were there it was sunny and in the 60s with low wind speeds, which made our short visit to the Baths that much more enjoyable.  We climbed the ruins, took a ton of pictures, and watched the BTS of a very interesting music video shoot.  With clear skies and blue water, these were some of my favorite pictures taken on the entire trip.  I absolutely love being near the ocean and getting the opportunity to be right on top of it without having to walk in sand was absolutely wonderful.  When I have the chance to get back to San Francisco I definitely want to hike Land's End, but I am super happy our time at Sutro was well spent.