Sweet Potato & Quinoa Chili (Vegan, GF, Garlic/Onion Free)


First recipe blog post of 2019, woo hoo! One of my favorite things about cooking in winter time is how hearty the dishes are. They are warm and filling and a lot of them are as simple as throwing them into a crockpot and letting them do their thing.

Today I have a Sweet Potato and Quinoa Crockpot Chili. I found this recipe on Pinterest from Simply Quinoa and made some slight modifications. The first thing I knew I had to do was make it garlic and onion free.  I’ve struggled with digesting onion and garlic for a couple years now, so I try to avoid them as much as possible. But let’s be honest. It’s really hard. The issue with these two ingredients is that they are used in pretty much every cuisine, making them very difficult to avoid. So when cooking at home, I opt to skip the onion and garlic and use other spices in their place. In this case, I used jalapeño powder for added flavor and an extra kick. I also knew I wanted to add in some more veggies, because well, I just love vegetables and I try to include as many as I can into my meals. Also this isn’t your typical ground meat and bean laden chili, so adding in more veggies adds a little more substance.


And what is chili without some cornbread? I love making things from scratch, but I also love making my life easier. So I made the chili from scratch, but I made the cornbread from a box. I used the Krusteaz Gluten Free Honey Cornbread mix mainly because it was on sale at Fry’s, but it actually turned out really good. And the best part is you only need 3 ingredients: milk, eggs, and vegetable oil, however I used a stick of vegan butter in place of the vegetable oil because I didn’t have any vegetable oil on hand.

It is gluten free, vegan, onion and garlic free, a little bit spicy, and super great for the cold weather we’ve been having!


Sweet Potato & Quinoa Chili (GF, Vegan)


3c diced sweet potato
1 large diced bell pepper
1 15oz can black beans
1 28oz can fire roasted tomatoes
3c vegetable broth
2 tbsp tomato paste
¾ cup uncooked quinoa
1 ½ tbsp chili powder
2 tsp cumin
2 tsp paprika
1 tsp jalapeno powder
1 zucchini
1 yellow squash


Add all ingredients into a crockpot. Turn on high and cook for 4 hours, turn down to low and continue to cook until ready to serve. If too thick, stir in another ½-1 cup of water.