Let's Talk: Strong, Not Intimidating


The future is female. This is a phrase I identify with on a personal level. We as women are smart and compassionate, we are badass and fierce. And you bet your ass we are CEOs, presidents, founders, the list could go on. For decades it’s been the men who run the companies and make the big decisions. THANK GOD change is a coming because it’s about time. It’s 2018 and we are finally beginning to move past 1950s values. Progress people. I am hopeful and excited for the breakthroughs that women are experiencing. I freaking absolutely love being a woman. But with all the #girlboss and #fementreprenuer comes one very irritating adjective that I myself have experienced personally: intimidating.  I don't hate many things, but I absolutely hate this word.

The amount of times I’ve been told that i’m intimidating is hilarious and frustrating at the same time.  And the majority of the time I haven’t even said a word to the person that finds me intimidating. So apparently the way I carry myself with assurance is what does it. I am not scary.  I’m not aggressive, or overly loud. I am just me.  Just because I’ve proven myself to be a very strong and very independent young woman. I do everything by myself. I rarely ask for help.  And for the most part I am fairly confident in my decisions. I mean I’m a Libra so I really can’t make a decision to save my life but when I do I am confident as hell about it. With a sure-fire attitude and an intense sense of self, I am exactly the type of woman I hoped I’d be. I don’t want to be the girl that can’t do anything by herself.  I don’t want to need or rely on someone else. I am in no way looking for my other half. I am complete and whole on my own. As all people should be. It hurts my soul to see a woman who consistently whines while asking for help. There are women that swear they just can’t be alone so they keep going back to the partner that treats them poorly but supposedly loves them. I thank the lord I am not that girl.

For some reason society has painted a picture that women can’t be strong and in charge without being horrible people with some sort of deeper issue. We as women are supposed to be strong and independent, but not too strong or independent or you’ll intimidate someone. You should be confident, but not too confident. That’s conceited. You should stand up for yourself, but not too loudly. That comes across bitchy. You can’t be in charge, you’re too emotional. All of this is absolutely ridiculous. Do I sometimes cry at random things like cute puppies and sad movies, yes. But I’m also opinionated and well-versed. I am sarcastic and disciplined and intelligent.  I will not stop being all of these great things just because someone that doesn't know me is intimidated.  And if all of this intimidates you, then I guess I am not the woman for you.